From the Vault: February Sweethearts

Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. The day when sweethearts show their love for one another with cards, flowers, and candy. Many weddings are celebrated around that day. For myself and my husband, it was no different.

Pat and I started dating in May 1989. By August, we were unofficially planning our wedding. In November, the night before Thanksgiving, he proposed on bended knee and presented me with a diamond solitaire.

When we tried to figure out a wedding date, my grandma said, “Why don’t you have it in February? There’s nothing going on that month.”

Pat liked the idea of a February wedding. His birthday was February 12th, and Valentine’s Day of course is on the 14th. What easier way to remember his anniversary than to have our wedding on February 17th?

We didn’t have many weeks to plan or pay for our wedding, but somehow, we pulled off that big day. I had my dream wedding after our fairy-tale romance. We vowed to love each other “for as long as we both shall live.” For us, that was only twenty years.

I thought we would grow old together, but Pat passed away in August 2010 from a tragic work accident. Although time has healed my grief, February holds bittersweet memories.

The photo above was taken around the time of our engagement. I loved that dress. I’d looked at it in the store for a few weeks before I had the money to buy it. You can tell that I had stars in my eyes.

In spite of my loss, I’m a big fan of romance. In fact, I write about HEA’s (Happily Ever After’s) and believe they are possible. My marriage to Pat was too short, but the time I had with him was a gift from God.

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