Good Monday Morning 1-17-22

(I’m a little late getting this posted. It will be afternoon before it’s published.) I’m about as motivated to get my day started as Anna appears in the above photo. That’s like me, just hanging out and relaxing. And here it is almost noon already. I’d intended to clean a client’s house this morning butContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 1-17-22”

May I have this Dance Chapters 20-21

Chapter Twenty Brooke After Chase left, Brooke grabbed the bag that held all of their changes of clothes in it and walked into the house. She went into the bathroom and changed out of her swimming suit into a pair of capris and a short-sleeved cotton top. She hadn’t been sure if Chase was stayingContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapters 20-21”

From the Vault: Keeping your Candle Lit

This post was previously published in January 2022 but the sentiments are true today as well. I enjoy candles. My son indulges me by giving me a new one each Christmas. This year, the scent was pumpkin pie spice. I love the fragrance it gives out when I light the flame. Remember the chorus inContinue reading “From the Vault: Keeping your Candle Lit”

Good Monday Morning 1-10-22

Good Monday morning. It is good, right?I woke up.The sun will rise soon.I’m still a child of God.No matter what happens around me, or to me, my identity in Christ remains the same.I have a Savior, a Redeemer.The Holy Spirit abiding in me brings me joy and peace.Do I still worry?I would be lying ifContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 1-10-22”

May I have this Dance Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen Brooke On Labor Day Monday morning, Brinley followed Brooke around, chattering nonstop. “I can’t wait to go on the boat with Maddie.”             Brooke was just as excited to go on the boat with Chase. She knew from experience that her kids would be hungry after swimming, so she packed up some peanutContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapter 19”