Inspiration for The Reluctant Billionaire

The Reluctant Billionaire is a “beauty from ashes” story. After her husband’s betrayal, Jessica has to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and find her path in life as a newly divorced 30-year-old. Liam, her longtime friend and neighbor, is there to comfort and care for her. God begins to heal Jessica’s heartContinue reading “Inspiration for The Reluctant Billionaire”

Friday Feature: Soul Hacker

This week our featured author is from Michigan (my home state). I’m especially excited to feature her YA dystopian novel. If you have a teen or young adult, this book will take them on an fascinating adventure. Or maybe you’d like to read it yourself… Author’s Inspiration: Inspiration for Soul Hacker came from real lifeContinue reading “Friday Feature: Soul Hacker”

What I Couldn’t Say Then

This is the story of how a farm girl from rural Michigan ended up attending a private Christian college, which led to a career first as a bilingual legal secretary then ultimately becoming a published author and founder of this blog. In September 1983, I was at a college weekend retreat. I don’t remember whatContinue reading “What I Couldn’t Say Then”