May I have this Dance Final Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Five Brooke His cold words hit her like a sheet of ice.             “You mean—this—us?”             “Yeah. I don’t think it’s going to work out between us.”             “But you said—”             “I said I love you, Brooke. And I mean it.”             She stepped back, suddenly chilled. She put her hands up toContinue reading “May I have this Dance Final Chapter”

May I have this Dance Chapters 33-34

Chapter Thirty-Three Chase The bridal couple was watching for them, and waited at the edge of the dance floor. “I was wondering where you two ran off to.” Julie laughed, and Lance winked at Brooke. “We’ve been wanting a chance to dance with you two,” Julie said. “Will you let me borrow her for aContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapters 33-34”

May I have this Dance Chapter 32

Chapter Thirty-Two Brooke The wedding was less than a week away. The bride called Brooke several times that week to talk over the little details of the wedding, the catering, the cake order, the flower order. Brooke listened to all of her worries and concerns and gave her reassurances that everything was going to workContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapter 32”

May I have this Dance Chapter 28-29

Chapter Twenty-Eight Chase Chase’s mom didn’t seem to notice, or didn’t care about his discomfort. “I’d forgotten your husband was a hunter. That’s why Chase is taking Devon out.” Chase looked at Brooke. She was watching him, wondering what he’d say. It was a fact that she’d been married before, that her husband was aContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapter 28-29”

May I have this Dance Chapter 27

Chapter Twenty-Seven Chase was pretty nervous about taking Devon out hunting. He’d talked to Dustin about it. His brother was the only one who was aware of how he felt. When one was prepared and knew the lay of the land, hunting was a safe sport. There were unknowns while taking out young hunters, especiallyContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapter 27”