Good Monday Morning 1-24-22

Good Monday Morning.

My post is a little late again this week. I took advantage of having a day off and slept in. Well, first my dog woke me up at 4:00. I took her out and fed her then went back to bed. Even without my electric blanket, I slept until 9:00. Those extra hours of sleep were a luxury.

After I woke up the second time, I brewed a cup of coffee first before I sat down at the computer.

For a Christmas present, my kids gave me a coffeepot that has a 12-cup carafe on one side and a one-cup brewer on the other. I haven’t made coffee in the large carafe yet, because I only drink one cup at a time. But I love the fact that I don’t have to have a reservoir for the water, just pour in a cup of water at a time. And I also don’t have to use those expensive pods. I can use my own grounds.

My favorite cup of coffee is a blend of hazelnut and Mackinac Island fudge flavors. I ran out of the fudge flavor two months ago, so I’ve been drinking plain hazelnut blend as well as several flavored coffees that I received as Christmas gifts. I miss the hazelnut-fudge blend, though.

I’ve promised myself that the fudge-flavored coffee is my reward for meeting my writing goals.

Unfortunately, as of today, I haven’t yet met any of the goals that I had set for the first of the year.

So far in January, I’ve spent my time wading through the emotional waters of depression. I haven’t sunk beneath the waves yet, but I seem to be just muddling through my days.

I think part of the reason for the depression is the winter season which affects many of us. That goes alone with my worries about the winter weather and the thought of staying inside where it’s warm.

Another part of the reason for the lethargy, as I mentioned last week, is a poor diet and lack of exercise over the holidays. Also, I haven’t been putting as much focus on reading the Word of God as I have on reading my Kindle.

I am a work in progress, just like my writing.

My stories, like a good cup of coffee, have to brew first.

I start the writing process by thinking about the characters and forming a picture of them in my mind. How old are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Why are they attracted to one another?

I also form a picture of the setting. Where will the story take place? What time of year will it be?

I think up scenes and dialogue when I am working with my hands at tasks that don’t require much concentration.

Spiritual growth takes place in me as I write. My stories are woven with my faith. The threads of wisdom that I have learned through my own struggles helps me resolve the conflict that my characters face.

I am often moved emotionally throughout the writing process. Sometimes, I wrote an emotional scene with tears streaming down my face.

The goals that I set were to finish two novellas and prepare a story to submit to a contest. This week, I will work towards those goals as best as I am able.

That Mackinac Island Fudge coffee is waiting for me at the finish line.

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