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May I have this Dance Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen Chase .After Chase left Brooke’s house, he stopped at the gas station and filled up the truck. When he went inside to get a soda, he ran into Nate.             “Haven’t seen you in a while,” Nate said. “Not since the reunion. What have you been up to?”             “What have you heard?”…

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Friday Feature: Christmas Novellas

Today I’m featuring author Katy Eeten’s three Christmas novellas. They are unrelated to each other, but each is a heartwarming holiday story. You can find out more about the books in the details below: Wrong Turn Christmas (Anaiah Press 2021) April is desperate to eliminate her dad’s cancer bills so her family can enjoy the…

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May I have this Dance Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve Chase Chase could hardly wait until he saw Brooke again. At work, Darrick again kept him occupied out of the office, but on Wednesday morning, Darrick had an appointment. Chase covered the office for him. Baylee was also gone that morning, and it gave him a chance to talk to Brooke. He kept…

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Friday Feature: Courage to Trust

With harvest season behind us and the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, I thought this would be a good time to introduce book 2 of my historical series, Legacy of Courage. Courage to Trust is the second book in this story about a young widow and the hired hand who befriends her. Here is a summary of…

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Meet the Author: Renee Jensen

My guest this morning is a local author, Renee Jensen. Renee has written and published two children’s books. Her Christmas story, The Twinkling Tree, is available this holiday season. I’m excited to introduce you to Renee and her books. Renee, tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Renee Jensen. I am married…

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May I have this Dance Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven Chase On Monday, after finishing up their last job of the day, Chase and Dustin returned to the office. Chase walked up to Baylee’s office door. “Did Darrick interview Brooke?”             “Yes, he hired her.”             Chase felt glad. For Brooke’s sake, he told himself. “He’s worried that it will be a problem…

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Meet the Author: Katy Eeten

Today I’m interviewing Katy Eeten, author of five published books including her recently released Christmas novella, Wrong Turn Christmas. Katy, thank you for joining me today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I am a wife of 19 years, a mom of two boys, Team Lead of the Account Administration Department at my company,…

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It’s Here!

My novella is available to purchase today! When Serena Cole came to Chicago for a fresh start, she never imagined she’d save a little girl from getting hit by a car, or that her new boss would turn out to be the little girl’s father. Now, Serena must decide if she can work for the…

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Novella Cover Reveal

I’m so excited to share the cover art for my holiday novella, Serena’s New Year’s Wish. About the book: When Serena Cole came to Chicago for a fresh start, she never imagined she’d save a little girl from getting hit by a car, or that her new boss would turn out to be the little…

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May I have this Dance Chapter 9

Chase didn’t say anything. Was he moving too fast? He had met up with Brooke one week ago. He had called her two days later to ask her on a date. Dinner last night, donuts this morning? Maybe he should slow down. But when he pictured the warmth in her smile and the light in her eyes that seemed to reflect his own interest, he was sure that he was on the right track.

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3 Weeks to Release Day

My novella, Serena’s New Year’s Wish, will be released in three weeks on Friday, November 5. I am so excited about this book! It’s a sequel to my Christmas Wish novella. Serena’s New Year’s Wish will arrive just in time for the holidays. Serena came to Chicago for a fresh start. She never imagined that…

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The Storm inside my Brain

I read somewhere that a person can be predisposed to bipolar disorder and never experience it in life. But another person who is predisposed might have enough stresses in life to bring it out.

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Welcome October

I love it when God works like that in my writing, slipping in dialogue and expressing Biblical truths that add another dimension to the story. That’s one reason why I don’t stick to a writing schedule.

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Meet the Author: Sharon René

My guest today is Sharon René, author of the newly released YA dystopian novel, Hesitatnt Heroes. Sharon, welcome to my blog today. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born in Mississippi and have lived in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. I now live in Memphis, Tennessee. I am an only child and have…

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