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Fall News

It’s a little early to start announcing events that are coming up in November, but I have a few things I want to share as a preview: Serena’s New Year’s Wish, a sequel novella to my 2019 Christmas Wish, is due to be released in November. I will be cohosting a launch party with another…

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Cats and puzzles: What’s up with that?

My kids like to do jigsaw puzzles on the dining room table. For some reason, that attracts the cats. We keep a bottle of water nearby to spray them when they jump up there, but sometimes they are too cute and I take pictures first. Here are some of the latest: Stormy Ash Of course,…

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Hello September

Back to school, football, hot chocolate and marching band. Those are what I think of when I think of September. One of my favorite memories is going to the high school football games with my sister, who was older and in marching band. I’d buy hot chocolate and sit in the bleachers. I’d pretend that…

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Good Monday Morning 8-23-21

Good Monday Morning. It is indeed a good morning for me. I spent a few hours over the weekend working in the deli where I previously worked. It was a seamless transition back into the job and with some of the same people from before. I truly enjoyed my time there. It surprised me how…

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Friday Feature: A Summer in Shady Springs

Author’s inspiration: When my sister was struggling with her faith, I had the idea of an artist who came to know Jesus through the process of painting a mural. From that seed, and from other conversations with friends, Madeleine and her story were born. I’m very thankful to say that my sister is a strong…

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Meet the Author: Sarah Anne Crouch

Today my guest is Sarah Anne Crouch, author of the new release, A Summer in Shady Springs. Sarah, it’s great to have you here with me today. Let’s start by telling us a little bit about yourself. I live in Central Arkansas with my husband and three children (ages 2,4, and 6). My favorite job…

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Cat Tails: The Kids

Two years ago this month, I looked out the sliding glass door into the backyard and saw some little kitten heads peeking out from under the garage. The stray black cat who’d been hanging around our garage for a few months had given birth to a litter of five. My kids made friends with them.…

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