Friday Feature: Elvensty

Today’s feaured book is the first in the Sunflower Saga, a Christian fantasy series written with adults in mind but can be enjoyed by teenagers as well.

About the book:

Elvensty is about a young man and woman, Khomar and Aya, who find themselves unexpectedly married and fleeing into the wilderness from unknown assailants.  As they seek to uncover the mystery of the identity and purpose of their attackers, our heroes find their faith in God put to the test as their lives spiral out of control.

Elvensty is the first book in the Swordflower Saga which takes place on another planet with its own cultures and unique challenges.  We enjoyed taking a fresh look at Christianity as we stripped it down to its core elements and explored it within the context of a new world.


Raising her gaze, she saw the expanse of Jyrya before her.  If she had been of a better temper, it would have been a stunningly beautiful sight.  She could see the forest they had hiked through now lying in the long shadow cast from distant mountains to the west.  She could just make out the outline of the river that ran down to the island of Elvensty and through the forest beyond.  In the distance, she could see the arid plains of Jyrya, and in her mind’s eye she imagined the capital of Jyantral on the far horizon.

A mist was rising over the land, starting to shroud it from view.  She trembled with anxiety and fatigue.  Tears began to run down her cheeks as she watched the only life she had known sink beneath the shadows.  God, where are you?

About the authors:

There are two of us who write under the pseudonym, M. B. Aznoe.  We are a husband and wife writing team, and we decided to use our combined initials instead of our names spelled out (initials sound cooler anyway).  Our names are Matthew and Bethany.  We have been married for 16 years and have 6 children whose ages range from 8-15.  As you can imagine, we have a very busy and active household which is why most of our writing is done either in the early morning or late at night when the kids are in bed.  Our passion is to share the hope found in Jesus Christ.  Whether in songs or stories, we strive to infuse our art with the truth of God’s Word, to demonstrate the hope of the Gospel in all of life’s circumstances.  It’s also why after 20+ years as a software developer, Matthew has chosen to change careers and become a lead pastor in a small town on one of the Native American reservations in Montana even as we continue to write our books.




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