Family Traditions

I spent Saturday with my dad’s family. He was one of 12 children, and now there are almost 300 descendants of my grandparents. When we gather for our family Christmas, there are times when we’ve had 70 people present. The number was a little lower this year. Our aunts and uncles are getting older, and some couldn’t come because of health reasons.

This family is rich in faith. My grandparents prayed daily for each child and grandchild. Now our family has a prayer chain, so when someone is hurt or sick, we can all take time out of our day to pray for them. I email or send Facebook messages to my aunts when I need prayer for someone in my family, or for myself.

My aunts and uncles have been very supportive of my writing. When I was self-published, they bought all of my books, twice. I first published my historical series in spiral bound books, which they purchased. A few years later, I was able to afford a better book with nice covers, and they bought those, also, even though they already had spiral copies of them.

I was so excited when Anaiah Press decided to publish printed copies of my novella available, especially for these aunts and uncles, many of whom prefer paper books and don’t use Kindle. I am thankful for this family’s prayers and encouragement. I’m excited to share my success with them.

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