25 years

It was 1994. I had a toddler and a new baby. I had quit a job I liked when my first child was born. Staying at home and taking care of my children should have been enough for me, but admittedly, I was bored. I had written several stories in high school but not any since then.

While I was up in the night with my infant, a story idea came to mind. My husband bought me a word processor, and I burned the candle at both ends writing.

I called the story “Love Unexpected.” It was about a woman who came home after a divorce and found comfort in the friendship of the “boy next door.” When it was complete, I mailed a sample to a publisher. I had read other books they published that were contemporary Christian romances.

The editor who responded to the query asked to see the whole manuscript. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it through the acquisitions board. The rejection letter was personally written by the editor. She mentioned that my novel had enough flair for her to recommend it to the board, and 80% of the manuscripts that came across her desk didn’t make it that far.

Fast forward to 1019. I read a lot of sweet romances on Kindle. I discovered some books about billionaires that I really enjoyed. I thought about the book I had written in 1994. The main character in that story had received a large inheritance. I decided to rewrite “Love Unexpected” and update it to make it contemporary. When it was finished, I had “The Reluctant Billionaire,” a Christian romance.

Last week I signed an agreement with Anaiah Press to publish my billionaire story. It’s been 25 years since I first wrote it. I am looking forward to working with my editor on turning my story into a book I can be proud of.

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