Friday Feature: A Thousand Sacred Moments

In this month’s theme of Heroes, today I’m featuring a military romance by Connie Ann Michael. This series follows the lives of Sawyer and Raven, and each book is more intriguing than the previous one. If you haven’t read the first three books, you may want to do so before putting this one on your reading list. The author has woven faith and love into the lives of the characters throughout the series.

About the book:

Sawyer and Raven are finally happily married and living by the beach in California, but things are far from perfect. Unsettled with “normal” civilian life, Sawyer feels called back to the battlefield. With Raven’s reluctant agreement, Sawyer deploys with a helicopter medic group.

Raven struggles with letting her go again, the nightmares of her last deployment never far from his thoughts, but when their close friends, Thommy and Vanessa, announce they are expecting a baby, Raven begins to wonder if Sawyer is searching for more than just her next deployment.

As a former prisoner-of war, Sawyer suffered life changing injuries that leave her unable to have children. Now that their best friends are expecting, Sawyer’s questioning her ability to give Raven the family he desperately wants—and deserves. It seems everyone is moving forward in their lives while she continues to go backward, hoping the next life she saves will fill the hole in her heart. But the middle of a battlefield is the last place she expected to discover the doctors were wrong, and God has other plans.

About the author:

Connie was born and raised in Seattle Washington but recently moved to Southern Montana. She lives with her husband and her two dogs and enjoys any activity which will get her outdoors. Connie is a 5th grade teacher and has two sons who have given her two wonderful daughter-in-law’s and one adorable grandson.

Author media links:

Twitter: @connieamichael

Instagram: connie.e.michael

Buy link:

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