The 4th of July

Independence Day

A national holiday that Americans recognize and celebrate.
A day set aside to recognize and remember that we are a country founded in freedom and hard-won independence.
A middle-of-the-summer holiday when we slow down and take a break from our everyday lives to celebrate in whatever way brings us joy.

Celebrating the Fouth of July means different things to different people:

a vacation day from work
a picnic or BBQ with friends and family
a dip in a lake, big or small
or all of the above,
and closing out the day with fireworks at dusk.

How are you celebrating the 4th of July this year?

Published by Carol Underhill

Author of Christian romance. Mom to 3 adult children and a spoiled Lab. Household includes several rescued cats. Loves flavored coffees and quiet mornings. Likes finding new authors on Kindle and binge reading all their books.

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