July’s Theme: Heroes

July’s theme is to honor groups of people I recognize as heroes for their efforts in protecting us as citizens: putting their lives on the line for our freedom, safety and healing.

To kick off the month, I’ll be featuring a children’s book about a hero from the Revolutionary War, a perfect story for the the 4th of July.

The other books I’ll be featuring are: a military romance, a romantic suspense, and a series about life-flight doctors and nurses. I’m honored that the authors are allowing me to showcase their books and share their inspiration and excerpts.

I’ll also introduce you to a Christian author and her new summer romance release.

My quest for entries in my “Who is your Hero?” contest didn’t pan out. However, if you have anyone you would like to honor this month as your hero, feel free to comment below, or send a message to authorcarolunderhill@yahoo.com.

The contest is over so there are no prizes, but I’d still love to hear your stories.

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