Friday Feature: The Maritime Cure

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and today’s featured book, The Maritime Cure, fits the theme of this honored holiday.

Sage’s relationship with her father is strained at best. But when certain events start to unfold around her, she begins to question the vow she’s made to never speak to him again. Will experiencing the love of her Heavenly Father in her lovely surroundings help repair the relationship with her dad? 

Author’s inspiration:

The inspiration for The Maritime Cure was my mom who bravely battled Multiple Sclerosis for nearly fifteen years.

About the book:

Forgiveness can heal even the deepest of wounds

Nurse Practitioner Sage Patterson is accustomed to giving her time and resources to others—and she wouldn’t want it any other way. But when someone she thought she could trust puts her reputation on the line, she can’t find the strength to move past the embarrassment and hurt. To make matters worse, she must now sell her mother’s beloved beach house.  

Sage, along with her loyal rescue dog, Molly, head to picturesque Ocean Isle Beach where she finds refuge in watching the work of an unknown painter in the evenings. This tranquility is exactly what she needs to decompress… And then she meets real estate attorney Jacob Gable. He doesn’t just turn her world upside down; he steals her heart, too. But will Sage’s anger and fear of betrayal get in the way of everything Jacob has to offer? Or will they, together with God, be able to move on from past hurts to embark on a journey of forgiveness and love?  


Although her surroundings reminded her of more pleasant times, she quickly pushed away any thoughts of that nature. She wasn’t sure she would ever be able to forgive the man she once looked up to and admired. And she certainly would never be able to forget the embarrassment and the seemingly inescapable position he had left her in. At least her mother hadn’t witnessed the wreck he had made of their lives, that was a small consolation. With memories of her loving mother at every turn, and thoughts of her dad as well, her emotions were suddenly on a roller coaster.

“How about a walk on the beach?” she asked Molly and was rewarded by ears which perked up promptly. Sage couldn’t wait to get out by the water. The smell of the ocean and waves surging in beautiful rhythm had a unique way of calming the senses. Her appointment with the real estate attorney from Gable and Vasquez wasn’t until eleven a.m. the next morning. She would have plenty of time to start packing up the things she wanted to save and get the house in order for a buyer.

She tucked the house key into her pocket and grabbed her cell phone from her purse. She had missed yet another call from him. She erased the voicemail without listening to it.

“Come on, Molly,” she said, calling the faithful dog who trotted right away to her command. She fastened Molly’s leash, and they left the little A-frame. Sage closed the door a little harder than she meant to, causing her heart to hurt even more. Her thoughts were as heavy and as leaden as the deep ocean that stretched before them. 

About the author:

Michelle Smith Lowe lives in Asheboro, North Carolina with her husband of twenty years, Brian, and their son, Jake. She is the proud owner of a very spoiled bluetick hound dog. Michelle is a Registered Nurse as well as a Certified Multiple Sclerosis Nurse. She has always loved to write and wishes to thank God most of all for her ability to write fiction. Her hobbies include searching for Native American arrowheads on her property and cooking for her family.

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