A Mom’s Example

It’s hard for me to write a Mother’s Day post because I miss my mom so much. She passed away in 2004, but sometimes it feels like it’s been just a few years and not 16. She died of complications from diabetes after struggling with her illness.

My mom worked hard all of her life. She always said she wasn’t going to marry a farmer, and my dad didn’t farm at the time they got married. A few years into their marriage, he took over the family farm. When I was a baby, they lived in an old farmhouse that didn’t have an indoor toilet. Soon after I was born, they moved to a house that had indoor plumbing, but my mom’s life didn’t get any easier. Raising five children with not a lot of money meant ongoing challenges for her.

I never saw the struggle in my mom, however. Maybe I was too young to be aware of it. I remember her working hard, though. Gardening, canning, picking berries, even helping with the haying.

Although she was a busy person, she always made time to serve in church. Over the years, she was Sunday school teacher, Bible school leader, junior church director. She planned and directed Christmas programs and other special events. She became the church secretary and served the pastors and listened to the trials of the congregation.

She gave of her time and energy for the church in whatever capacity she served. And she laughed a lot. People liked her and trusted her. She finished her life well as a servant of the Lord, as a loving wife and mother.

Mom had a servant’s heart, and I hope to emulate that as I age. I hope that I can keep laughing and have the trust of others to listen to their stories.

Mom never saw me become a published author. When I first wrote the Substitute Family, (of which I am publishing a chapter each week here on my blog) I gave it to Mom to read. She said she realized as she got partway through it that she was not just reading a story, but reading a book. Those were words of praise to me, that she recognized the difference.

I’m a storyteller. I create fictional worlds, but my characters struggle with real life challenges. They find their hope in the Lord to solve their problems, as I have also found my hope and strength in my faith. And much of who I am today, as a mother and as a person, is because of the strong godly influence of my mom.

This Mother’s Day, I give honor to my mom as the greatest positive influence on my life. I’ve met many challenges, but by her exampled I’ve been able to put my trust in the Lord through it all.

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