Wednesday Pop-Up: Cat Tails


Elsa and Anna

Anna was one of two kittens who showed up with their feral mother cat one afternoon in May or June 2016. The first time we saw them, they crawled into a bucket that was tipped on its side. My daughter took a picture of them. I said, “Let’s bring them into the house and litter-train them and find them good homes.”

Well, you can picture how the story went. We brought them in and fell in love with them. We kept them in a carrier for a few days and let them out to slowly adapt to their new environment. We treated them with kid gloves: literally, we put on gloves to draw them out of the carrier so we didn’t get scratched.


Of the two, Anna was the feisty one. That’s why, a year and a half later, we knew something was wrong when she just lay around, lethargic. We took her to the vet and found out she had a condition that caused her blood to be low. She was nearly gone and the vet recommended a blood tranfusion. She was going to bring her healthy, chubby cat to the clinic as a blood donor.

Anna had been on medication, a steroid, earlier in the year for the same condition, and we decided to try the medicine again. In a short time, she started to perk up again and got out of the danger zone. She still takes the meds three days a week. I crush up the pill and add it to canned food.

Anna is the reigning queen of our house. She presides over her kingdom from beneath the dining room chair, where there is usually a coat that has fallen from where it was placed (ahem–I’m too lazy to take it to the coat rack.)

Her favorite spot used to be the chest freezer in the entry. She was friendlier there. Once we moved the chest freezer to my son’s house, she lost her throne and became a little less friendly. Just ask my brother. He used to be able to pet her when he came in, and since then has tried to bite him. She “talks” to him, though, so she still likes the attention.

She also likes to get up on the furniture and specifically, my desk. Right in between my keyboard and screen, so I can’t see what I’m typing.

Yes, Anna knows how to get our attention, but she’s a treasured part of our household.

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