Wednesday Pop-up: Cat Tails


Cat Tail: The Elusive Izzy

Our cat, Izzy, has an interesting history. My son, who lives in his own home, adopted a kitten that he’d been told was a male. A couple of months later, he called because there was something wrong with the kitten. We took it to the vet, and found out it was a female in heat, not a male as we’d thought. We had her spayed and he took her home.

There were a couple of problems with Izzy. 1) She never came out of hiding to socialize, and 2) She didn’t use the litterbox. She made a mess of his furniture and his bedding. It wasn’t a good situation.

At my house, we’ve had outdoor cats that have lived in our garage for several years. After talking to my son, I decided to bring Izzy over to see if she would adjust to being with our other cats. It took her a few months, but Izzy slowly started socializing with them. She still runs from us when we try to pet her, but otherwise, she seems to be healthy and content.

Izzy is good friends with our neutered tomcat, Boots. They cuddle together in the warm garage. The picture below is of the two of them. I was trying to get a picture of Izzy by herself, but Boots thought he would like to be in the photo, too.

Izzy is a beautiful cat and is part of our household. She has brought her own special beauty into our lives, but remains elusive.


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