Cat Tails: Shadow, a Real Trooper

This feral cat that we named Shadow showed up in our garage in the fall of 2018. I figured she was about four months old at the time. I planned to schedule her to be spayed in the spring, but I wasn’t quick enough. In May 2019, she gave birth to two kittens but neither survived.

We attempted to catch her to take her to be spayed, but we were unsuccessful.

In August 2019, she had a litter of five kittens, and all survived. My kids were able to tame the kittens. My son claimed one for himself. We found a home for another one. A third one got hit by a car and died. The others were integrated into our household.

After the winter passed, we tried again to trap Shadow so we could have her spayed. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t cooperate. In May 2020, she gave birth to a third litter. Those kittens had a rough start, but three of the four survived. We found homes for them.

In August 2020, we picked up a livetrap from the animal shelter and set it up outside our garage. We caught her this time and brought her into the house. I scheduled her for surgery.

We didn’t realized that she’d just given birth to another litter until we heard kittens crying in the garage. We found two. Although they were separated from her for 5 days, they survived. However, we couldn’t take Shadow in for surgery until the kittens were weaned.

We kept them in the house for a few weeks so we wouldn’t have to try again to trap her. She was given free run of the house, but she didn’t like the other cats, or us. She preferred to stay in one of the bedrooms under the bed. However, the two kittens became tame and thrived. We found a home for one of them.

In mid-November, we scheduled surgery for Shadow. On our way to the spay/neuter clinic, our car broke down and we had to go back home. By now my frustration level with the situation was at an all-time high. I’d tried to do the best thing for Shadow so many times, and had been unsuccessful.

We got the car fixed, and rescheduled the surgery. On November 30, we managed to finally get her to the clinic. After her surgery, we brought her home and contained her in the house for a few days to make sure she was healing. A family member decided to adopt Shadow and her remaining kitten. That was a huge blessing to us, the ending of a year of cat drama.

Shadow was a real trooper. She gave birth to 10 kittens who have found good homes (with the exception of the one that was hit by a car).

Maybe it hasn’t been the best quality of life for her, but the new owners of her kittens are very happy to have them. Now she can live out her days in good health, with her kitten for a companion.

We wish her and all of her kittens a long and healthy life.

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