Cat Tails: Princess Elsa

Just a few weeks old when we rescued them in 2016, Anna and Elsa have developed their own personalities. In the movie Frozen, Elsa was the reserved queen and Anna was the outgoing princess. In our house, it’s the opposite. Anna is the alpha cat among our rescues so I refer to her as Queen Anna. Elsa is shy, so I call her Princess Elsa.

Anna’s story is for another day. The star of today’s Cat Tail is Princess Elsa.

Elsa has always been entertaining to watch. When she was small, she played fetch. You could toss a wadded up piece of paper off the bed and she would hop down and get it, and bring it back up in her mouth.

She doesn’t play fetch anymore, but she likes to be the center of attention. When I try to take pictures of some of my home decor, she likes to jump in. Here I was taking a picture of some of the Christmas gifts the kids gave me, and she got up on the shelf.

I bought the mirror below, and she decided she wanted to be in the picture. It actually turned out pretty cool, with the sunshine coming in the sliding door.

My hutch is a favorite place of hers to hang out. Here you can just see her intention as she looks at this ornament. Yes, it ended up on the floor, with her looking down on it as if to ask, “What happened?”

Elsa is only four years old, but she has become a bit grumpy this past year. We rescued a litter of kittens and brought them into the house. They like to tease her sometimes and she hisses at them. She used to spend most of her time in my bedroom, but for a few weeks we had to shut the young female in there before we could get her spayed.

I think she holds a grudge. Just ask my oldest son. He used to be a favorite of Elsa’s when he lived at home. Since he moved out, she doesn’t even acknowledge him when he comes for a visit.

Yes, Elsa can be grumpy and hold a grudge, but she is full of so much personality and mischief that she is easily forgiven.

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