This cat has an official name, Misty, but around our house she is known as Momma Kittty. She was our first in a long line of rescues. Six years ago, she was a young mother cat with two half-grown kittens. They showed up in our neighborhood during the summer. She was friendly and let the kids hold her.

I didn’t think too much about her until one cold fall day. I was walking over to the store next door and heard a pitiful meow. I thought, someone needs to feed their cat. As I was walking home, I looked into the garage, and there they were, Momma Kitty and her two kittens.

Realizing they were taking shelter in our garage, I bought some cat food and started feeding them.

After a few weeks, I took her to a clinic to be spayed. I also took one of the kittens. The other one escaped, and I’ll tell you about his journey in a later post. The kitten who stayed, we named Boots. He was friendly.

After one cold season of feeding them in the garage, the following winter we started letting Momma Kitty come in the house to get out of the cold. At first, she was in and out. Then one bitterly cold day, she refused to go back outside. I bought a litterbox, and she became a house cat.

Now Momma Kitty is the grand old lady among our rescued housecats. She doesn’t tolerate the other cats well and prefers to be by herself.

She still likes to be held, though. She jumps up on our laps whenever she can. When I’m lying down, she’s right beside me. It’s nice to have her warm snuggles.

Yes, she just showed up, but she found a place in our home and in our hearts.

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