“Cat Tails”

Stories about our rescued cats.

Ann and Elsa at four weeks

In 2016, these two kittens were born to a feral mother cat. She showed up at our garage with them when they were about four weeks old. We had a bucket tipped over on its side near the steps, and they crawled inside.

We decided to bring them into the house and tame them. We named them Anna and Elsa, after the Frozen characters. They were scared of us at first and hissed and spit when we tried to hold them. After a few weeks, they warmed up to us.

It was hard to tell them apart at first. As they grew older, they developed their own personalities. Elsa is very adventurous and you never know where you will find her.

Anna is queen of the household cats. She likes to rest on the desk while I’m working at the computer, not caring if she is in the way.

They have lived with us for 4 years now. We can’t imagine what our lives would be like without them.

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