Book Spotlight and Excerpt: The Orphan Beach

The Orphan Beach: The Flight to Freedom Series book 3

By Laura Thomas

Romantic Suspense

Published by Anaiah Press

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About the book

Life is spiraling out of control for pediatric nurse, Juliet Farr. Heart-broken, grief-stricken, and experiencing a crisis of faith—now she is the prime target for a crazed killer. When her ex-boyfriend, detective Max Bennett, returns to work the case in the Oregon Coast, he knows sharing the truth behind their break-up will destroy any possibility of a second chance together.

A manuscript, a maniac, and a mother’s love propel Juliet’s flight to a beach in Mexico as she desperately pursues hope and healing. Will she ever find freedom from the ache of abandonment? And when a troubled soul chooses Juliet as his perfect victim, can Max prove his love for her by risking his own life? Or will Orphan Beach be the end of their story?

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FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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Juliet Farr dropped a single white rose onto the coffin, her entire body numb. Frozen. And not merely because she stood windswept on a rugged bluff overlooking the turbulent Pacific Ocean. She inhaled a ragged breath.

How had life deteriorated beyond recognition in less than a year? Wrenching her eyes from the harsh reality before her, she gazed out over the gray-green expanse expanse of water through a blur of tears. She shivered. Dead inside.

Juliet stepped back and stumbled. A strong hand cupped her elbow from behind. Max. She’d recognize his aftershave anywhere, all musk and forest. His protective touch was another reminder of what she had lost. She pulled away.

Not now.

The bitter late-November wind whipped in from the ocean causing hair to obscure her vision as it flew in her face like a red tornado. She buried her chin in her mother’s scarf. It still smelled like lavender.

“Juliet, would you like my coat?”

Her body tensed at the warmth of his whisper in her ear. That deep, rich voice which she had missed more than she cared to admit over the past six months. Six months. What was he doing back here? Today of all days. She straightened her shoulders and jutted her chin without turning around.

“No, I’m fine. Totally fine.”


No way was she fine. Everything would be different now. Colorless.

About Laura Thomas:

A published Christian author, Laura writes heartwarming encouragement for your soul—especially in her romantic suspense, teen fiction, marriage, and children’s books. Laura is a chocoholic mom of three, married to her high school sweetheart. Originally from the UK, they live in Kelowna, B.C. as audacious empty-nesters.

Laura has three Christian romantic suspense novels published by Anaiah Press in her “Flight to Freedom” series: The Glass Bottom Boat (March 2019), The Lighthouse Baby  (May 2019) and The Orphan Beach (February 2020).

Laura has five books published by Dancing With Bear Publishing: Christian teen fiction novels Tears to Dancing, Tears of a Princess, and Tears, Fears, and Fame, non-fiction marriage book Pearls for the Bride, and middle-grade historical fiction The Candle Maker.

Find out more about Laura at

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