Welcome to July.

Wow! So it’s been a crazy few months. I don’t have to go into details about what I’ve been going through because we’ve all been living “it.” The threat of “it” hasn’t subsided yet. In fact, according to some sources, we’ll see another wave before long. The social isolation caused by the virus, along with the turmoil and unrest in in our nation, has brought on anxiety to many, including myself.

I’ve been waiting for things to get back to normal. In fact, there will be a new normal, and I will have to adjust some of the ways I’ve thought and done things in the past. One thing I am certain, God is good, and there are good people in this country. I will continue to rely on God’s grace to bring my loved ones and me through the storm.

“When I said, ‘My foot is slipping,’ Your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” Psalm 94:18-19.

In news closer to home, July came in with high temperatures. This wasn’t a great time for the air conditioning both in my home and in my van to give out, but it did. I should have both fixed soon, but not in time for this heat wave.

I recently started a new job after looking for a while. I started a few, only they didn’t work out. All along, God was designing the perfect job for me. I am thankful every day that I can spend time with some of my favorite people while earning a paycheck.

We’ve had several new additions to our household since last summer:

I guess it’s true that books and cats go together. 🙂

My novella, Angelica’s Christmas Wish, will be on sale later this month. One year ago, I submitted the story to Anaiah Press. I was shocked when they actually sent me a contract for it. Getting published has been a dream of mine for a long time.

I am currently on a deadline for edits on The Reluctant Billionaire, my contemporary Christian romance. The main characters, Liam and Jessica, have been in my head for over a decade. It’s exciting to finally be telling their story. The book is on target for being released in November.

Almost 11 years ago, my husband passed away days after a tragic work accident. Through the grace of God, the support of family and friends, and the passage of time itself, I have found healing for my grief. I still miss his presence, but knowing that Pat is in a far better place, and that I will see him again one day, brings me peace.

Last June, I started on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. One year later I met all of my goals. I haven’t given up my efforts; instead, I am working harder to meet new goals by this time next year. Having hit the double nickel birthday in May, I’m happy to say that I’m in better health now than I was in my thirties.

I have plans for the month of July, but I know God directs my path. I pray that I will keep my focus on God, and His provision and grace, through any obstacles that come my way. I hope to finish this month strong in all areas of my life.

One response to “Welcome to July.”

  1. I Love all this! Congrats on all the goals met and the new job. Keep it up!

    Yay cats. I miss our cat which we had to give away when we moved 2 years ago. But now we have 2 dogs 🙂


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