Good Monday Morning 6-13

Good Monday morning, June 13. This is the second Monday of June. Already. It feels like summer is almost over before it has even started. It always seems to go by fast. Last summer my son, daughter and I went to the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan for a couple of days. We had a greatContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 6-13”

Social Isolation–On Purpose

Due to health issues exacerbated by anxiety, I struggled to go places socially when my husband was alive. He was always my buffer, sitting between me and other people, supporting me when I was nervous. Encouraging me to forget about what other people might be thinking and just do what I needed to do. AfterContinue reading “Social Isolation–On Purpose”

Writing Through Anxiety

Today’s post is written by Christian author Sara Beth Williams. My life, since February of 2018, has been in major upheaval. Five months before my first novel was published, three family deaths occurred. In November, 2018, my brother moved two thousand miles away. That’s when I began to notice symptoms of anxiety. All of thisContinue reading “Writing Through Anxiety”