Life’s Journey Update

The garage sale went really well. I spent some time with my sisters and niece and nephew and enjoyed two days in the fresh air. Even though it was windy and cold and I got sunburned, that sunshine was refreshing. The fact that I cleared out my house and earned a little pocket money made the time even better.

Things have been a little crazy with work being a strain on my health. I’ve cut back my schedule for May, cleaning for 9 people per week instead of 12. It means a reduction of 8-10 hours each paycheck, so things will be a little tight until I get back to a full schedule. I’m hoping that the next few weeks will bring positive things as I get back in the routine and good habits I started 3 years ago. I slacked off this winter and it took a toll on my health.

In spite of physically not feeling great, emotionally and mentally I am in a good place. It’s like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. God brought me out of the Valley of the Shadow of grief and has given me new light and hope. During the time that I was in the “cocoon,” my faith grew and expanded. Now I am seeing the fruit of the growth.

The creativity for children’s church continues to soar through my mind. I’m so excited about the lessons on the Book of Acts and Armor of God. I’m drawing ideas from previous curriculum and reliable internet sources and those just spark more creativity. It’s really a blast! The curriculum I’m putting together now will be made available for other churches in the future.

As far as book writing goes, I’m also working on a holiday novella soon to be completed. I’m also updating a former manuscript to see if I can try my hand at writing in a new genre. Still in the Christian realm, but unlike my other books.

As far as the Legacy of Courage books, I’ve had people ask if I am writing a book 7. I have the outline in mind, but have not taken time to work on it. There are still a few historical details I have to iron out.

However, I’m having new covers designed for the first two Courage books, Courage to Hope and Courage to Love. Both Kindle and print copies will soon be available from Amazon. If you have the old versions, those books have not changed in content, just format.

For Book 3, Courage to Love, I have added some new scenes with Adam and his brothers plus clarified scenes with the birth of the missionaries’ baby.

At the author event today, I will have the new version of Courage to Love in print. I will also have copies of my Anaiah Press books, The Reluctant Billionaire, Angelica’s Christmas Wish and Serena’s New Year’s Wish.

Last week, I received an empty box in the mail week with an apology letter from the USPS. The copies of my self-published novel, Substitute Family books, didn’t arrive. I received a refund, but I won’t have that book available today. To refresh your memory, that’s the novel I posted a chapter per week on my blog last spring and summer.

If you can’t make it to the author event but would like to order copies of any of the books, you can do so directly from Amazon. I’ll also have some available for purchase locally.

I hope you enjoy another sunny day. I plan to be inside today, and hopefully my sunburn will heal without any ill effects.

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