Friday Feature: The Blessed Bunny

Author’s Inspiration:

This book is designed to draw attention to the true meaning of Easter contrasted to the commercialization of Easter.

About the book:

The Blessed Bunny is a rhyming story about a bunny that was taken from a pet store and put in a store with Easter sale items. A little girl chooses him to buy, and the bunny ends up going to a church service with her and her mother. While there, he listens to the sermon and begins to understand the true meaning of Easter.

The book ends with a Digging Deeper section with questions about the story and about the way to salvation, with Bible verses backing up each question.


The girl picked me up and took me up front while her mom got out some money, and my ears perked up when I heard the clerk say, “What a darling Easter bunny.”

Easter, I thought, so this is the reason for all of these things in the store. My thoughts interrupted, I was picked up again and we headed right out of the door.

I was placed in a car, and we started driving past stores and houses too. Then in the distance I saw a tall steeple as a small white church came in view.

We stopped and got out, and I looked round- about and saw vehicles parked everywhere, and beneath that old steeple, I saw lots of people. The crowd was then hushed by a prayer.

I then heard an old man start talking about a Baby Who was born to this earth and that when He grew up He died on a cross so that sinners could have a new birth.

About the author:

Renee Jensen was born and raised in Michigan. She is married to her husband, Ron, and has two children, Rachael and Ryan, and four grandchildren. Renee is a born-again Christian and has written four children’s books, two of which are published.

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