Welcome October

I love the shift into cooler temperatures that ushers in the fall season. I’ve dug my sweaters and fuzzy socks out of storage.

Soon there will be bursts of color in the trees. I look forward to my drive to and from work as my own personal color tour.

I don’t have anything on the calendar this month except working at my housekeeping job. Working at the deli on the weekends was a nice idea, until it brought on too much stress for me. So now I’ll go back to focusing on my primary job. I’ll have more time for writing on the weekends.

When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming up dialogue and scenes for my current and future projects. It seems that when I am busy laboring with my hands, my mind works and new ideas form.

Last week while washing dishes by hand, I received the inspiration for a scene and dialogue in one of the novellas I’m working on. I thought the novella was just going to be a nice story, but God had plans to take it deeper.

Writing that scene gave the novella a spiritual anchor that I hadn’t envisioned.

A few years ago, a friend who read the first few Courage books asked:

“What was in the trunks?”

I’d written about the trunks in the attic without considering what was in them besides clothes from a time in the heroine’s life when she was the belle of the ball. I hadn’t planned to mention the trunks again. My friend thought there might be something mysterious in them.

Turns out, she was right.

Shortly after my friend asked the question, I was working at the deli and cleaning out the deep fryer. The answer to what was in the trunks slipped into my mind, and I got goosebumps. Suddenly, there was a new plot in the story, a mystery to solve. The fallout from that scene changed the direction of the story, adding something new that I had never considered before.

(Currently books 1 and 2 of the Courage series are available on Kindle. Book 3 is under “construction” to prepare it for a Kindle version. After Christmas, I’ll have book 4 available, which answers the question of what was in the trunk.)

Me at my writing desk–not writing lol.

I love it when God works like that in my writing, slipping in dialogue and expressing Biblical truths that add another dimension to the story. That’s one reason why I don’t stick to a writing schedule. I do sit down and work on my stories a little each day, but I don’t spend hours at the computer unless the words are really flowing.

I don’t do well writing with a deadline, but I’ve given myself a time frame to get the novella done. With only one job to focus on and my weekends free again, it should be easier to find time to write.

Or to make time, anyway.

I’ll start by setting a timer to write in thirty-minute blocks, which sometimes turns into longer periods at the computer. I’ll also make sure I write some every day. Since I’m a morning person, I won’t accomplish much in the afternoon or evenings.

I apologize for being vague about the novella I’m working on. As soon as it’s finished and I find a home for it, I’ll give you more details. I promise.

Autumn is a season of cooler temperatures, wonderful scents and vibrant colors. I hope it is a good season in your life. But no matter what season we are in, God is in it with us, providing everything we need to get through the challenges we might face.

And sometimes, He shows up in little ways that make significant changes in our lives. Like when He slips in dialogue when I am plotting scenes in my stories, and adds a spiritual layer to them that I hadn’t envisioned.

God is Good–All the Time.

Happy October.

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