Friday Feature: For the Love of Bigfoots and Butterflies

April’s theme is SPRING MIX, which means the featured books will be from a variety of genres. To start off the month, my first Friday Feature is a book written by Michigan author, Joselyn Vaughn. For the Love of Bigfoots & Butterflies is a romantic comedy with a mysterious element to it. The story takes place in a fictional town in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Author’s Inspiration:

I love hearing stories and watching shows about mysterious creatures and definitely got hooked on Finding Bigfoot. So when we were driving through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, my husband made a joke about looking for Bigfoot, and then I knew that my main character had to be an amateur Bigfoot researcher. And the story went from there.

About the book:

Fighting for an endangered butterfly is what makes Jane Meeth tick and Tall Oaks Development is her biggest adversary. Little does she know that the CEO of the company, Marshall Linden, is none other than the handsome hiker she meets while running on the trail.

After Marshall discovers evidence of Bigfoot, he wants to establish a sanctuary to protect the creature, but he must keep it secret from the protesters of his Tall Oaks projects. He didn’t count on falling in love with Jane making his plans nearly impossible.

When an environmental disaster threatens both of their dreams, they must throw away their prejudices to make the world safe for Bigfoots and butterflies.


She expected the giant-sized man. Or a bear. Or a bobcat. Or even a less predatory animal like a doe and fawn. Or a squirrel. The smell…like rancid road kill. She slapped a hand over her nose. Sweat stung her skin as her heart rate skipped along too quickly to count. She squinted at the creature. What she saw was…Bigfoot?

About the author:

When not writing, Joselyn spends all her free moments researching bearded dragons and unicorns and playing Fortnite. Oh wait, that’s her kids. Joselyn can be found either running on Frank, her affectionately-named treadmill (since he has been cobbled together from parts) or keeping her sewing machines busy. You can follow her craziness on Instagram at @joselynvaughn.

Author media links:


Instagram @joselynVaughn


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