It is Well with My Soul

(I’m almost embarrassed to post this today after my recent Facebook post stating that in my own part of the world, there was peace in my mind and in my heart.) Today didn’t start off very well. I stopped for gas on the way to work and pulled up to the pump on the driver’sContinue reading “It is Well with My Soul”

Good Monday Morning 2-7-22

Good Monday Morning It is a good morning here in map-dot, Michigan. I was blessed to spend time with family this weekend, to attend church and work with the children’s ministry on Sunday, and to have time to relax and read. Like all weekends, the time went by too fast. I usually have Mondays offContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 2-7-22”

Good Monday Morning 1-17-22

(I’m a little late getting this posted. It will be afternoon before it’s published.) I’m about as motivated to get my day started as Anna appears in the above photo. That’s like me, just hanging out and relaxing. And here it is almost noon already. I’d intended to clean a client’s house this morning butContinue reading “Good Monday Morning 1-17-22”