The 4th of July

Independence Day A national holiday that Americans recognize and celebrate. A day set aside to recognize and remember that we are a country founded in freedom and hard-won independence. A middle-of-the-summer holiday when we slow down and take a break from our everyday lives to celebrate in whatever way brings us joy. Celebrating the FouthContinue reading “The 4th of July”

Friday Feature: One Small Spark

Today we’re kicking off the month of July’s “Hero” theme and celebrating Independence Day by featuring One Small Spark, a book about Christopher Seider, a boy who had an impact on the American Revolution. Author’s Inspiration: When I first learned about the Christopher Seider incident and how pivotal it was to the events preceding theContinue reading “Friday Feature: One Small Spark”

Friday Feature: Courage to Hope

Before my novella, Angelica’s Christmas Wish, was published in 2019, I independently published a series called Legacy of Courage. The idea for the books came to me in 2003. I did indepth research into the history of our country. I chose to set the book in the southern part of Indiana in a little fictionalContinue reading “Friday Feature: Courage to Hope”