May I have this Dance Chapters 30-31

Chapter Thirty Brooke Brinley was beyond excited when she woke up and found out they were going to the mall. “You promised I could get a Build-a-Bear the next time we go. Can I, really?”             Brooke had forgotten that. During their shopping trip in August, Brinley had begged to be allowed to buy andContinue reading “May I have this Dance Chapters 30-31”

May I have this Dance Chapter 9

Chase didn’t say anything. Was he moving too fast? He had met up with Brooke one week ago. He had called her two days later to ask her on a date. Dinner last night, donuts this morning? Maybe he should slow down. But when he pictured the warmth in her smile and the light in her eyes that seemed to reflect his own interest, he was sure that he was on the right track.