Fall News

It’s a little early to start announcing events that are coming up in November, but I have a few things I want to share as a preview:

Serena’s New Year’s Wish, a sequel novella to my 2019 Christmas Wish, is due to be released in November. I will be cohosting a launch party with another author who has a novella releasing the same day. Look for an invitation in the next few weeks. There will be guest authors and prizes.

I have a couple of local author events scheduled in November also. Hopefully there will be no cancellations due to Covid, but I will keep you posted as the events get closer.

I’ve had Substitute Family formatted for print and Kindle publishing. I published this contemporary novel one chapter at a time here on my blog for several weeks. It will become available in its entirety this fall.

The sweet romance, May I have this Dance, will continue to be made available one chapter per week until the book is completed. I’m not going to tell you how many weeks it will take, because I want there to be an element of surprise.

If there is enough interest in the Dance book, then I will consider publishing the book in print form and on Kindle at the close of the chapter-per-week event.

The Reluctant Billionaire continues to be available on Kindle and in print from Amazon. If you have a teen on your Christmas wish, this clean Christian romance will make a great gift. If you are local and wish to have a signed copy, contact me on Facebook or attend one of the local events in November.

Speaking of The Reluctant Billionaire, it could use some attention on Amazon. I have a few reviews that readers have posted, but if you want to add yours to the list, that would be great.

I have plans to move forward with my writing, but more than that, I know God has a plan for my life. I desire to be in the center of His will, to promote the work that He is doing in my life, above all else. I continue to pray that He will use my writing to inspire believers to a greater faith, and to introduce the gift of salvation to people who otherwise might not receive it.

As the seasons shift, I pray that you will stay healthy, work on your own happiness, and keep believing that God will work everything out for good–Even if.

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