Wednesday Pop-up: Cat Tails

The star of today’s Cat Tail is Jasper.

Jasper is a beautiful tiger-striped cat with long fluffy hair and a pretty mane. He was born with sad, droopy eyes.

When Jasper was six months old, we had him neutered, along with his littermate, Socks. They were born to a feral cat and lived outside for the first three months until we brought them in to tame them. We couldn’t find homes for the two of them, so after their surgery, I put both Jasper and Socks back outside to live with our other cats in the garage. They’d only been out there a few weeks when Socks got hit by a car and died. So feeling guilty, and worried that something would happen to Jasper, also, I brought Jasper back into the house to stay. In the time that he was outside, he lost all the hair in his mane. (It has since grown back.)

Jasper has a “scaredy-cat” personality. He is especially wary of me. If I walk into the room where he is, he runs away and hides under the furniture. If I pet him when I walk past him, he startles.

Although Jasper has never warmed up to me, he’s affectionate with my kids. My daughter picks him up and holds him, and he loves to cuddle with her. He also stands outside the kids’ rooms when their doors are closed and cries for attention.

Jasper likes being close to our other cats. Anna and Elsa, who are three years older than Jasper, get annoyed with him. When they go to the food dish, he goes with them. When Elsa is lying on the couch, he likes to cuddle up to her. She doesn’t appear to like it, but she tolerates it.

He and his two littermates, Stormy and Ash, often sprawl on the couch together.

Although Jasper acts like a “scaredy-cat” sometimes, he fits in with the rest of our rescued cats and is an important part of our household.

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