Contest: Who is your Hero?


Each month I have a different theme for my blog. In May it’s Family. June is Summer Romance. July’s theme will be Heroes.

Part of the reason for July’s theme is because of patriotism, remembering heroes in history as we celebrate Independence Day. There are other heroes also: military, police officers, first responders, medical workers, teachers, parents… the list is not limited to the above. A hero can mean different things to different people.

With that in mind, I’m running a contest for the next few weeks. It is open to anyone of any age. To enter, you have to write a few paragraphs to tell us who your hero is and why.  

After you have written your story, submit it to me at I will have a panel of judges who will read all the entries and decide on the top three stories.

Entries can be no more than 500 words and will not be judged on grammar or spelling.

The contest will end on Tuesday, June 15. You must have your entry emailed to me before 8:00 p.m. on that date.

The top three stories will be awarded Amazon gift cards, $25 for first place, $10 for second and third. They will also be posted on my blog in July.

Published by Carol Underhill

Author of Christian romance. Mom to 3 adult children and a spoiled Lab. Household includes several rescued cats. Loves flavored coffees and quiet mornings. Likes finding new authors on Kindle and binge reading all their books.

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